Character Sculpting With Blender

This premuim Blender course will teach you how to create characters from scratch, using Blender. You’ll learn the entirety of the workflow and many important tools that it offers us!

Download Tutorial:

Download Tutorial:

Topics Covered

  • The basics of Blender’s sculpt mode
  • All the brushes and mesh filters in sculpt mode
  • Practical sculpting exercises
  • Character project:
    1. Blocking our character with basic objects and fundamentals of anatomy
    2. Blocking of all accessories with simple objects and basic modeling
    3. Polishing of all the body of the character to get a clean model
    4. Polishing of all the accesories and the texture detailing of the different materials on the surface
    5. Posing of our character
    6. Render of our character to create a presentation for the portfolio
  • The downloadable resources of all the chapters
  • Access to the students Facebook group

Whats included in this Blender Tutorial:

  • 40+ Videos (Full HD 1080p / MP4, more than 11 hours with english audio)
  • All the important files of the course including the Blender files of all the chapters.

Download Tutorial:

All the modeling videos come with an FBX file, that represents, the beginning of the video. That means if you are only interested in learning about one certain aspect of the tutorial, you can just start from any video and use my files!

Inspired by the amazing Concept by Daniil Eshanov from Wardog Collective