Check Out 3gen, A New Plants Generator For Maya In Development

Nemanja Stojanovic shows his new plugin 3Gen for creating procedural plants directly in Maya.

3Gen is a new plugin in development from Nemanja Stojanovic, who promises to make plant creation super easy with only sliders and buttons. When it’s complete 3D models of plants will be able to be created procedurally via Maya tools for those not as savvy on computer graphics programs like Photoshop or Illustrator…

Have a look at the demo video that shows what Nemanja’s plugin can do. “It is still in development, and currently there are no signs of when it will be published,” Stojanovic says though he would appreciate feedback from users on any ideas they may have about features or tweaks–grab your thoughts as posts to Youtube, Facebook & Artstation.”

Nemanja Stojanovic has been working with a variety of different areas for the last four years. He’s most recent position was as an artificial intelligence mathematician and software engineer, but before that he worked in graphics programming or procedural generation to name just two examples on his resume.