Check Out How To Make Animations On Procreate 5

Soon to be released, Procreate 5 will offer some new animation features.

Procreate is a great drawing and painting tool for the iPad. Recently, some insights into Procreates next release 5 were revealed that will make it even more awesome! This includes features like an animation toolset which means artists can finally bring their creations to life with all brushes & tools at there disposal in no time flat – as if they had been animated themselves!

Animation in Procreate 5 is a simple process. In the first video, we see how using onion skinning and bouncing ball animation can be done with just one click!

The second video by Rookes Eggleston – Character Design Forge, explores how to animate characters using Procreate 5’s animation tools. There are already some great drawing and painting options for the iPad! This new app will offer artists more than one way of working within their own personal style; giving them even greater control when it comes time for creating animations or other types of drawings with essential tools like perspective guides (perfect if you need help aligning objects).