Check Out These Amazing Cartoon Explosion Assets For Maya

Brent Forrest offers a sneak-peek into two cartoon explosion assets coming for Autodesk Maya.

Technical Director Brent Forrest has shown off what the team at Marza used to create 3D effects in a new video that uses Adobe Animate content and brings it into Maya automatically, making elements look three dimensional.
A couple other videos show how this system works by bringing out an upcoming asset with same 2d look but now created through 3 dimensional graphics.

2D Cartoon Explosions in 3D Space

Forrest has created some new explosion assets for Maya. These are the Toon FX Elements and you can use them to add explosions in your work! Watch the video below, it shows how these vids were made with Forrest’s Ultimate Sparkle rig as well as other useful tools that he has out there already like Rope Rig or just simpler version called Sparkles.”

About Brent Forrest

Forrest is an innovative animator who has worked on some of the most iconic animated series in recent history. His credits include The Peak, Sonic HedgeHog and Like And Follow among others!