Check Out These Free After Effects Scripts For Environment Animation

Anthony Possobon releases free After Effects scripts for environment animation and more

Are you looking to bring your animated scene from conception all the way through completion in After Effects? Animator Anthony Possobon has a few tips for creating complex movements and actions within the program. For beginners, he teaches how-to make sophisticated animations using his own techniques which will save time when building out complicated scenes on their own later down the line!

He also offers up some scripts that automate key parts of this process so there’s nothing left but creativity – giving animators more freedom while still being able to produce quality work consistently every single day without growing too tired or frustrated over mundane tasks such as setting up rigs/plugins etc., if they’re not yet familiar with them…

With AFP Scripts, you can create complex animation in After Effects. Watch Possobon’s latest tutorial to see how! “Let’s find the connection between things and bring your scene to life!” says Anthony as he shows us one of his favorite concepts for this type–a global variable that connects all objects together across time or space.”

Download the AFP Collection of scripts here.