Check Out These Hardsurface Modeling Techniques In C4d

Salah Bouzgma Goes Through Some Nice TIps as he Creates 3 HardSurface Models in Cinema 4D.

HardSurface modeling can be a challenge, but it is also rewarding. Each model comes with new challenges and unforeseen problems that need solving for the sake of making things simpler on future models alike! It becomes valuable to see how colleagues approach some of these issues: Oh this will be easy!, Huh-nope not at all., And then finally after wasting time (maybe) They get there in the end!.

3D artist Salah Bouzgma walks through how he builds three different hardsurface type of models, each posing new challenges in Cinema 4D. The demonstration covers some tips and a few techniques for modeling objects like the ones shown to better understand them with their own unique properties which can make designing easier when creating your own 3d designs or animations from scratch
The first model is made up entirely out polygons while still looking very smooth; it has fine details such as showing cracks on its surface where chunks had been blown away by explosions over time due too heavy bombardments along side other damages suffered during conflict situations we know little about because we’re too far back into history.