Check Out This Maya-like Softmod Add-on For Blender

Maurizio Memoli posts Softmod 2, a blenderized version of the paintable cluster for Maya.

“Maya has been around for decades and continues to be a popular choice among artists. The newest addition of Blender 2.8 includes some great new tools as well, such as painting-like soft modifications that may make it easier than ever before to create your masterpiece!”

Softmod Add-on is a great way to add some extra features and tweaks for your models. It’s perfect if you want fine control over how things look, or just need more than what Maya offers out of the box with its own tools!

Softmods may be used on both Blender foundations as well as blend shapes in order to achieve specific looks without having invested even more time into rigging up humanoids that will never get finished due to lack of knowledge about animation keys such as joint singers etc..