Check Out This Preview Of Mocha 2021 Doing Mesh Tracking

When Martin Brennand announced the new features in Mocha 2021, such as mesh tracking and deep integration with After Effects CC2019 came out of left field.

With Mocha Pro, you can do anything from planar tracking and rotoscoping to simple inserts or removals. It has some limitations if your workflow requires tracking a surface that distorts footage–for example face while talking with an animated hand gesture in close proximity as the audio track plays back at normal speed without any video artifacts showing up on screen.

Warping tracking has been at the forefront of modern cinema for years, and now it’s coming to video production. One company that is taking this trend into account are Mocha Pro users who will be able update their software with new features like Lockdown in 2021! Check out this demo showing what you can expect from next year’s version:

A great example might show up here about an independent film called ‘Lions.’ You’ll see how they used its warping feature effectively during one scene where there was some character interaction between two actors on opposite sides…

Mesh Tracking of Warping Surfaces

The latest version of Mocha Pro offers new features that allow you to track warping and deforming surfaces right in the program. A unique Mesh Warp motion setting enables tracking things moving at various rates, which is perfect for modeling animated characters or vehicles with detailed facial expressions!
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Mesh Tracking has vast implications. The Mocha team is looking at an undistortion and re-distortion workflow to do stabilized paint, warped inserts in 3D space for use with nulls on each vertex that will be important when working with Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR).

This feature provides more control than before; not only can users add warping but also distortion effects such as blurring out areas while keeping other parts sharpened up exactly how you want them! At Toolfarm we’re excited by this prospect because it could mean better quality exports from our workflows using Moca Pro software going forward – so visit us over there if interested…