Check Out This Sneak Look At Animation Paper Due Soon

Joe Zavaletta demos the new and innovative app that allows you to create your own animation.

It looks like a new traditional 2D animation tool that’s slowly rising out of the ashes. This may become the best hand-drawn animator ever according to their goals with this software!

Joe Zavaletta has been covering the news for years and is a well-known name in journalism.

Joe Zavaletta, an animator who posts two videos about AP on Youtube. He demonstrates how it is easy to use and looks like a great addition for animations in motion artistry workflow

Animation Paper

The Plastic Animation Paper app is a free 2D animation tool that allows artists and animators to work in an easy-to use interface. It was created by one man with the goal for anyone who uses it, regardless if they’re professional or just starting out as well!

The developer is excited and looking forward to releasing their pre-release soon!