Check Out This “supermegafk” System – Fk On Top Of Ik

“SuperMegaFK” is an incredible system for quadruped rigs in Maya. It’s basically an IK rig with FK on top of it, so you can control bothIK and FK at once without having to switch back-and forth between them all the time!

CWhat is interesting about this setup, as opposed to matrix nodes which can be used with both local and global transforms, is that it uses a simple additive system. All the transformations are based off of what I’ve called “local space” transforms here in article one.”

It’s basically an FK chain working on top of an IK chain making switching and choosing a thing of the past

The Super Mega FK system allows you to independently move the IK controller and its attached chain.

The SuperMegaFK system is an improvement over IK or FK, because it offers more flexibility. Animators don’t have to switch between these two systems anymore; they can work in whichever one suits them best without having any problems with trying to get back into another form when inspiration strikes!

Bjørn has been hard at work and will soon be updating his quadruped scripts in order to take advantage of the SuperMegaFK system. He’s even created a new script for Mega-Bjorgs, so stay tuned!