Cinema 4D Tutorial – 7 Ways to Speed Up Your Animation Workflow

By eyedesyn

Don’t get left behind in the cinema world, there are some great features that will make your life easier. In this tutorial I’ll be covering all kinds of helpful shortcuts and tips for animating more efficiently on previs timelines! A few topics include:
-Using shortcut keys  to speed up animation time by over 50%.  You can do it fast with just one finger too which saves muscle fatigue while working or editing composites at home -Working smartly by using markers so you don’t have to go back & forth between different areas (i.e., Blend Trees) if something isn’t perfect yet; instead make adjustments as needed then switch out old marker under corresponding node.

Show and Hide menus to isolate object animation tracks

Timeline Link View Options

Folding Options

Using View Filters to Show/Hide Specific Types of Animation Tracks

Using the F-Curve Mode

Numerous useful keyboard shortcuts

These are some of the features I use everyday that streamline my workflow and increase my productivity and I feel are important for any level of Cinema 4D artist to know!

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