Cinema 4D Tutorial – Character Animation Walk Cycle

By c4dUK

The Character rig is the backbone of any 3D animation. It’s what allows you to move your character and bring them into anything! In this beginners tutorial, I’ll be teaching about some basics that every animator should know when they start working with characters in Maya or Max for example… but first let me show how all these things come together so we can better understand their function on our own.”

You will be exploring a Character Rig with sliders, keys and controllers. You’ll learn how to use them in order for you character’s facial expressions are at their most expressive!

Control your fingers in this introduction to Cineware, the latest release from Autodesk! The first thing you’ll do is look at how Xpresso has been used to help with animation; next we will use Automatic Keyframing for a simple walk cycle.