Cinema 4D Tutorial – Controlling Cloth Simulations Using Mograph Fields

By eyedesyn

In this #Cinema4D tutorial, EJ is going to show you how to control dynamic cloth simulations using R20 Mograph Fields!

Download Project Files:

Creating Abstract Cloth Inflation Animations in C4D:

Cloth Simulation Using Soft Body Dynamics:

Using the Jiggle Deformer for Cloth Dynamic Simulations in Cinema 4D –

Mograph Fields Overview Tutorial –

00:32 – Setting Up Scene

02:01 – Shrinking Object Surface with Displacer

03:40 – Adding Cloth Tags

04:07 – Cloth Settings

06:21 – Belting down cloth simulation

08:04 – How to Create Vertex Map

08:41 – Using Fields to Control Vertex Maps

10:38 – Improving Cloth Sim using Smoothing & Jiggle Deformers

13:12 – Recap

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What You’ll Learn in This Video:

In this #C4D tutorial, EJ is going to show you how to create compelling dynamic simulations using Cloth. This technique is great for any level of Cinema 4D artist!

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