Cinema 4D Tutorial: How to Animate Minecraft – Part 1

By Wafflez Plays

Hey guys, welcome to a Cinema 4D tutorial. This is where we’ll teach you how download and install the Minecrft Rig for your computer so that it can be used as an animation tool in movie making software like CINDY or MAYA instead of just drawing things by hand!

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Part 2 – Will teach you how to use key-frames and animate your rig walk or other stuff.

Part 3 – Will teach how to render out your animation to the smallest file size possible.


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The Minecraft tutorial that teaches you how to make your profile picture or weedlion rig for minecraft. Learn about steve, the best character in the game and more!

Cinema 4D is a great tool for those looking to make their own Minecraft animations. There are many tutorials and videos on YouTube that can teach you how, but Cinema has its own built-in features as well! Look at this awesome video tutorial about creating an equirectangular map: https://www2.livehtmler/cAppsLibServlet?appid=105695&sesrc=- (It even teaches us some new computer lingo like “equirectangular projections”).