Cinema 4D Tutorial – How to Export AR Ready GLTF/GLB Files

By eyedesyn

How to use Adobe Air with 3D objects in C4D
AR animations apps like Bodypaint! To export your models out as GLTF/GLB format or texture maps for other programs such as Photoshop, make sure they are correctly unwrapped. Download the files on gumroad below (https://gumrubberforallapp)

This workflow was originally created for Facebook posts, but this same GLTF/GLB workflow applies to exporting C4D files that work with Adobe Aero***

Intro to UV Mapping with Bodypaint Tutorial:

Links Mentioned:

FBX/OBJ to GLB Conversion –

MAXON Labs GLTF Exporter for R20 –

Adobe Aero –

00:43 – How to Export out GLB Files Using R19 & below

03:32 – Using Blackthread IO GLTF Exporter website

05:56 – How to Export GLB Files Using R20

10:27 – C4D to Facebook/Aero material compatibilty

12:25 – Important GLTF export settings

12:59 – Posting your 3D object to Facebook

15:16 – Other C4D R20 GLTF exporter features

16:28 – Fixing material color issues

21:37 – Baking textures for GLTF export

24:52 – Using Bodypaint to fix UV issues

33:50 – How to join my Eyedesyn Facebook group to post

34:36 – Recap

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What You’ll Learn in This Video:

In this #C4D tutorial, EJ is going to show you how create a 3D post on Facebook with Cinema 4D! This video was made for any level of user.

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