Cinema 4D Tutorial How to Model a House 03 Irregular Floor Plan

By c4dUK

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In this three-part series of tutorials, you’ll learn how to model various houses in Cinema 4D. You’ll start with a very simple bungalow, then move on to a more specific Victorian terraced house, and finally, you’ll tackle a building with an irregular floor shape.

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In Part 1, you’ll create a very basic bungalow. You’ll start with a cube then modify it using the Knife, Extrude, and Extrude Inner tools to create windows, doors and a roof.

In Part 2, you’ll create a more specific model: the Victorian terraced. You’ll use the Line Cut and Loop Cut tools to help produce the necessary geometry to allow for all the windows, windowsills and decorative lintels. You learn about the useful 0% Extrude function for Edges and Polygons, as well as scaling down groups of points or polygons to flatten them out.

In Part 3, you’ll learn how to model a house with an irregular floor plan. You’ll also learn how to clone polygons, which makes it easier to add repeated elements such as multiple identical floors. And this time your house will be made up of multiple objects rather than one. The house does not have to be created out of a single mesh!

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