Cinema 4D Tutorial – Intro to UV Mapping with Bodypaint

By eyedesyn

UV unwrapping is an essential part of creating 3D assets for use in 2D cartoons. In this tutorial, learn how to do it using Bodypaint and texture painting tools within Photoshop with some tips from Coban & Kristin at Edison Creative on what they use Cinema 4d’s body paint function for!

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What You’ll Learn in This Video:

When it comes to UV mapping in Bodypaint, know that you are not alone! This tutorial is for beginners and advanced users alike. For those who have materials experience with Cinema 4D but don’t quite understand how exactly they work or want some more information on the best practices when doing so – this article will provide all of your answers right here gorithms used by professionals as well as descriptions about various programs most commonly utilized within 3d artistic software packages including Photoshop CS5 & CC 2014; Autodesk Maya 7+8-, Houdini 16+, TV Studio Base Premium 15-

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