Cinema 4D Tutorial – Modeling a Character in Cinema 4D | Part 01

By eyedesyn

My love of the little bull character led me to try something new and I’m really liking it! A live stream seemed like a great format for helping people get into my head when modeling him. With chat involved, you can ask questions or answer anything on your own time during his tutorials – not just from viewers watching at home but also those in chat who want more information right away about what’s going down with this design process.

The character I modeled is a cross between a human and an octopus. It has two heads, four arms with grasps that can change from hands to feet at will (and vice versa), legs for standing on land or walking through water as well as webbing which all have joints in different directions allowing them flexibility similar to squid’s ink!

I learned quite some things during this modeling exercise but here are one thing: if you want your modeler skills improve don’t be afraid of making mistakes by working blindly because even though what we do might seem simple it takes lots patience and practice before becoming good enough where viewers won’t notice every little mistake anymore

What do you think? Should I do more of these, or is this a one-time thing. Anything in the design stream that needs changing and let me know how it’s going!

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