Cinema 4D Tutorial – One Click Walk Cycles Using CMotion

By eyedesyn

In this #Cinema4D tutorial, EJ is going to show you how to easily add a walk cycle to your characters with a single click with #CMotion!Â

Bendy Limbs Rig for Cinema 4D:

Bendy Limbs Rig Overview Video:

Intro to Mechanical IK #Rigging –

00:43 – Setting up Character Object with Bendy Limbs Rig

04:12 – Adding CMotion Walk Cycle

05:56 – Adjusting CMotion settings for adjusting walk cycle

16:58 – Adjusting Stride with Stride slider

17:34 – Walking along a surface

18:47 – Walking along a path

20:18 – Creating overlapping animation

21:08 – Recap

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What You’ll Learn in This Video:

In this #C4D tutorial, EJ is going to show you the easiest way to add an animated walk cycle with CMotion! This video for any level of Cinema 4D user.

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