Cleaning Up Scanned Meshes With Blender

The art of 3D scanning has become a reality in the digital age. You can now virtually walk or fly through any environment and have its measurements for use with your project, without having to do much work beyond taking some photos!

how to import and clean a mesh coming from 3D created by pictures like 123Dcatch

The 3D artist Benjamin Vurlod walks through using Blender’s modeling tools to clean up a scanned mesh that was created by 123D catch. Where the data came from is less important here, as you can follow along with any photogrammetry app and still learn some tips!

Benjamin illustrates how he uses various features on screen while editing his model in order make it easier for others who are new or haven’t used these specific software programs before-hand .

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to import a model from OBJ format into Max and decimate it down so that only usable geometry remains. Next up is adding an UVW map for texture which gives us one low polygon object with its own unique material!