Combine Stop Motion Sequences With Adobe Character Animator Dialog

Maximilian Zenk shows how to use Adobe’s Character Animator, the new Creative Cloud application that grew out of project animal. This video is interesting and can help you make your own animations!

Character Animator is a stand alone application that will allow you to easily animate characters through tracking your facial performances. It’s easy and fun!

Using Character Animator, you can bring Photoshop or illustrator artwork to life and sync mouth shapes with your speech. Adobe’s character animator also allows for full control of all aspects over a characters movements using the keyboard/mouse through customized triggered behaviors that are easily set up!

Combine real stop motion sequences, with Character Animator dialogue

Stop motion animation is a simple and creative way to create characters that speak. Max shows how you can combine stop-motion sequences with Adobe Character Animator, by shooting all the mouth shapes needed so they will be easy for him/her when animating in real life later on down the line. The advantage? You’ll have less work because it’s already been done!

Max, a designer from San Francisco who has been designing interactive storytelling games for years finally released his latest one. The game is called Mr Cucumber and it’s all about going through different life situations based on questions asked by you but in front of others so they can guess what your next move will be! Check out this awesome guide if want learn how to play or get started with Design Toolkit Pro right away.