Compositing 3d And Shot Footage Together In Blender

BlendTuts takes you through the process of creating a simple VFX shot in Blender, showing how to track and integrate 3D objects into live action footage.

In this video you’ll learn how to set up render layers, create some tricky materials and finally, how to composite all the mess to end up with a great integration of 3D objects over your footage

The powerful Blender scene editing software is able to create complex scenes with the use of layers. This tutorial shows how set up different materials and composite them together for a final result that will blow your mind!

Camera Tracking and Compositing 3D Elements in Live Footage Using Blender
In today’s tutorial we will be looking at how to use a free software called Blendler for live-action shots. In this process, there are three different tasks: camera tracking , compositing/stacking footage from other sources onto your subject matter as well as adding visual effects like ghosting etc . We’ll go over all these steps one by one so make sure you stay tuned!