Compositing Cycles Render Passes in Blender

By CG Cookie

Learn how to composite Cycles render passes in Blender for utmost control of your scene.

The individual render passes for Cycles allow us to composite our final images together manually. By using these components, such as diffuse color and reflection with bounce lighting effects (among others), we gain control over aspects of an image without needing another one created from scratch; this saves time and money!

Using a product render as an example, you will learn how to composite each of the individual passes together in order for them all to form one final image. Noise reduction is key when compositing so that any unwanted graininess doesn’t show up on screen at high resolutions or during playback time – this includes removing fireflies too!

To learn more about compositing and how you can use it to gain absolute control of your renders, check out Bartek’s Blender training series: