Compound Matte Lets You Have Multiple Matte Layers In After Effects

MotionDesk’s latest is a tool that lets you have multiple matte layers on one Ae layer.

Mattes allow you to change the appearance of footage in After Effects. The new Compound Matte tool makes working with multiple mattes on a single layer easier than ever! You can merge, subtract or intersect them all without any hassles at your fingertips and easily exclude certain parts that don’t fit into what we’re trying achieve just as quickly – it’s an intuitive interface so complicated processes should feel simple again (and who doesn’t love simplicity?).

Introducing compound matte: now there are no limits when using up-to four different customized elements such as transparency keys/flags etc.. It also comes packed full accessors like “Write Region”!

A Full Matte Operator

Now Ae users can work with an infinite number of mattes reasonably in a straightforward interface. You simply select which layers you want to use as the source material for your new multi-matte layer, then set up how much coverage on top and underneath that needs to be included by each additional composite element created from it using various colors or transparency settings available through simple sliders at your fingertips.”

Get Compound Matte.

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