Compression Preview For After Effects

You’ve always wanted the ability to Save For Web in After Effects, but it’s been difficult (or impossible) until now. You can finally preview what your compression settings will actually look like before rendering with a few clicks of an button!

The compression preview plug-in from ZERO VFX Boston allows you to see the affects of your settings before rendering, giving a much more accurate representation.

Compress a frame range directly from within the After Effects timeline

After Effects has a pretty sweet new feature called Compression Preview. It lets you see what kind of troubles your export will have before committing it to render, which is especially helpful when there are large ranges that need compressing and exporting at once!

Want to avoid the annoying color shift? We have a solution for you! In Compression Preview, just adjust your desired colors before applying it with compression in our effects panel.

Compression Preview is a handy plugin that can help you check for compression artifacts, banding and color shifts before the render. It also has presets to generate exports on common platforms like Youtube or Vimeo so your final file sizes are more accurate!

Compression Preview Availability and Pricing

Zero FX has created a new company called Code Zero Software. You can learn more about Compression Preview and purchase it for $49 dollars on the website!