Control Crazy Patterns With Time Displacement In After Effects

Easily control lots of patterns using time displacement in After Effects.

Time displacement is a great tool for animating small tiles. If you are working in After Effects and need to create animations of patterned pieces, this new tutorial from Nick Greenawalt will show how time displaces work!

Time Displacement in After Effects.

The time displacement effect can be used to control the passage of time. It does this by allowing you to move an image back and forth within a single frames, just as black values correspond with moving forward in history or white ones backward. Nick shows how he’s been using it for animations that need lots of little keyframe driven motions without having separate files set up per pattern- there are many ways!

About Nick Greenawalt.

Nick Greenawalt is a motion designer who loves making tutorials and other content on YouTube, Instagram & more. He’s currently based out Philadelphia but spends his nights at an experience strategy firm called Bluecadet working alongside their team of bright minded creatives to bring ideas into reality for clients around the world!