Control Material Attributes In C4d With Color

Aleksey Voznesenski Discusses Why Working With Black and White is So Important for Material Attributes in C4D.

Want to learn how to control things with color in a Cinema 4D Material? Look no further than this new video from Ace5 Studios. It shows you three different techniques: using just black and white; emulsion photography that harkens back towards the golden age of filmed photos (using silver or oil plates), as well as greyscale colors controlling certain aspects such as objects opacity for example through compositing techniques like blending mode masks!

If you want to be the master of your own shader, then black and white are essential. With these techniques, Aleksey demonstrates how it is possible for unprecedented control over anything within a Cinema 4D Shader or Mograph Geometry including reflection transparencies bump maps etcetera with just one tool! The output tone should always remain informative.