Convert An Animation To Pixel Art Bricks With Fusion

There’s a new Node-based workflow on the block and it is called Fusion. This system of pipelines can create some really cool stuff! While you’re using nodes, everything will work together in order to affect your final results nondestructively (which means less time wasted). You’ll be able use black magic like no other with this simple setup – all based off pixel art bricks made from sequences or images by simply piping them together; without even having any design skills whatsoever…or maybe just one smallish trick up their sleeves .

The technique of “A Blackbird Called Sue” involves replacing an image with particles and then having those voxels or bricks animate on to the scene. It can work for both still images, as well as animated sequences- which is pretty cool!

Chetal Gazdar, a VFX artist from BMD Fusion had this great tutorial showing how you can use their 3D environment and particles to create your own space scene filled with asteroids, stars and debris.

As a professional, I am very impressed by Fusion’s capabilities. It has the power and speed that you need to get things done! Take it for example when going through some of those tutorials – they are powerful as well as informative.”