Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D: Resume Render Tutorial

By CoronaRenderer

In this tutorial, we’ll cover the various ways to use Corona’s Resume Render functionality in Cinema 4D and show you how it can be used for creating complex smoke stacks or adding flare on 2D planes.

00:00 – Introduction

00:13 – Quick overview of the “Resume Render” functionality

01:00 – Technical overview of how “Resume Render” works under the hood

02:13 – Incorrect use example

03:10 – How to resume renders from the VFB

04:12 – How to resume renders from a file

05:36 – Some extra info on CXR files

06:17 – How pass limits work when resuming your renders

07:05 – How to read the render completion parameter statistics inside C4D

11:18 – Condensed recap on understanding render completion parameter statistics

12:13 – How time limits work when resuming your renders

12:43 – Example of proper adjustments for the pass & time limit parameters

13:42 – How noise limits work when resuming your renders

14:20 – Understanding how noise statistics get updated

15:42 – How “Resume Render” can help you with final renders that completed rendering but are still too noisy

17:30 – How denoising works with resumed renders

18:49 – Enabling denoising on resumed renders that originally had denoising disabled

20:44 – Accessing the “Resume Render” functionality from the PV

22:34 – Potential use cases