Create A 3D Radial Particle Effect With Stardust

Najib Khayati Demonstrates a 3D Radial Particle Effect With Stardust in After Effects

3D Radial Particle Effects: How To Create A 3-Dimensional Eye In After Effects
Creating the setup for a 3d radial particle effect might seem daunting, but creating one step at a time can be an enjoyable process. Noble Kreative’s Najib Khayati walks us through his technique of how he created what is called “3 D” eye by using Superluminal’s Stardust plugin with ease and convenience from start to finish!

Multiple particles, fields emitters and plenty of Turbulence nodes come together to create this stylized eye effect. Khayati is a bit if the tinkerer that he has evidence even in his last tutorial which shows how use Stardust for Minecraft design with After Effects or EM-10 flight controller compilation video series as an installment from more extensive VFX & Motion Graphic tutorials where I show off some cool things you can do just with dynamic text rendered by rays from every angle!

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