Create A Blender Cel Shader With More Control Than Toon

Juandre (Jay) Labuschagne Shows How to Make a More Versatile Cel Shader Than Cycles Toon

Blender Cycles has a toon shader that is easy to use and offers some excellent results. If you’re looking for more control, though, it might fall short of what your needs are. Building custom cel shaders may offer the power in which you seeked as shown by Juandre (Jay) Labuschagne who shows how he created his own from scratch!

The time to update your app with new technology is now! Internal rendering in Blender can be used instead of Cycles or Eevee. It won’t sacrifice quality, but you may experience some speed and flexibility drawbacks at first glance. The techniques shown here are not original – similar node setups exist for other applications where lighting information has been defined that allows it replace itself when requested like this one does by filling out missing values based off previous samples stored locally within each object’s mesh data structure.