Create A Dna Animation In After Effects Using No Special Plugins

DNA, the stuff that makes up your genes and distinguishes one person from another. It turns out this sneaky molecule can be recreated in an artistically pleasing way using After Effects! You might think it needs special add-ons to have all those curves just right but there are actually some tricks you’ll want to know for yourself too so read on…

learn how to create a 3D DNA strand using the free built-in tools and effects in After Effects

Caleb Ward, the lead animator at After Effects World demonstrates how you can create a fake 3D effect with cleverly duplicated vector shapes. Using nested composition and continual rasterization is key to producing this type of renderings in an animation program like Adobe’s products which allow for more realistic animations than many others on-the market today (witnessing Kit cosmos). Adding some expressions will make it easy as pie for creating double helixes by simply duplication compositions!