Create A Dynamic Sci-fi Hud Element With Cinema 4D

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a cool futuristic sci-fi heads up display. We’ll use simple objects and shaders in our project while implementing some shader effects for extra flair!

If you want to create the latest and greatest in futuristic looks, then this tutorial is perfect for your needs. Mike Ridolfi shows us how simple it can be with just a few objects from Cinema 4D that will give off all sorts of cool effects when used correctly!

We can dive even deeper into C4D’s toolset to create some more complicated looking stuff too. Check out this other tutorial from GlassHand Films Artistic Director, Brandon Clements that shows how you can use futuristic holographic elements in Cinema 4D using tools such as Mograph Cloners and other native features of the program like particles or text easings!