Create A Dynamics-driven Snow Globe In After Effects

Motion Boutique shows how to use Newton, connect layers, and Pastiche and DUIK to create a dynamics-driven snow globe animation.

Motion Boutique posts a tutorial showing how to take an illustration of the iconic snow globe and transform it with their own dynamic animation in After Effects. The software is Adobe’s premier editing program, so Motion Boutique provides step by step instructions on setting up your project when working through these processes. Additionally they provide information about other means used like connect layers or Pastiche if you don’t have access yet; also included are some tips that will make sure everything goes smoothly!

Motion boutique has just released this awesome video showcasing all the tools available within.

What’s Covered in After Effects

The tutorial covers setting up the scene correctly using Newton3, creating a jiggling effect and details on making soft body dynamics. Motion Boutique’s Pastiche lets you apply elements to other layers – perfect for creating your own snow globe! Check out this tutorial here:….

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