Create A Grainy Shadow In After Effects

FlowTuts shows an easy way to get that grainy textured look to things in After Effects.

Motion graphics are all the rage, but have you ever wondered how they make those grainy textured effects? Get ready for a quick tutorial on After Effects. It only takes five steps and is perfect if your job requires some simple design with an extra touch of detail that can’t be done in Photoshop or Illustrator!
A great example would be making up dust particles when there’s snow outside at night time–so many different textures just come together to create one gorgeous image without even trying hard…

All you need is a feather value and the Dancing Dissolve blend mode to create an excellent film. Of course, if you want more customized stuff then there are products out there for that as well; one example being Peter Quinn’s Grit Kit 2 which has pre-animated textures at affordable prices with free shipping. Another thing I like knowing: even in emergencies, Blend Modes can still work wonders!