Create a Grassy Meadow Scene in 10 Minutes (Blender 2.9 Tutorial)

Blender Tutorials: How To Make A Ghost! (Blender 2.9)

By pinkpocketTV

Want to make your own scenic scene? Follow these steps! You will need a Blender 2.9 and grass stock photos, so check out our store on Instagram for more info or head straight over there now: https://www2. In this tutorial we’ll be using the two different types of blades – one round blade that can cut basically anything into shapes while another pointed tip with sharper edges is perfect if you want .something closer up like flowers in bloom (or bugs).

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Timestamps â–º
00:00 Introduction
00:50 Creating The Terrain
01:42 The Displacement Modifier
04:08 Nishita Sky System
04:53 The Ground Material
06:05 Creating Grass
07:45 Adding The House
08:16 All Done!