Create A Lego Brick Simulation In Side Fx Houdini

In the world of Legos, there is no such thing as a boring day. You can play with your friends or bring creativity to another level by creating 3D models in virtual reality and augmented realities like Side FX Houdini software!

If you want more control over how bricks interact together then this program will help make it happen; for instance allowing players who are unable (or unwilling)to build their own creations physically have an opportunity too through its procedural workflow which allows user-initiated repartitioning during simulation making implementation easier than ever before.

a quick tutorial to create a Lego Brick effects inside Houdini using VDB

Watch 3D and Visual Effects Artist Kundan Basnet walk through the process for creating lego bricks, which are easily made to fill an object in Houdini. He does this by harnessing VDB – The Voxel Data Base open source tools that can handle tasks like particle surfacing or polygon conversion with ease! It’s also great when you want workflows tailored specifically towards your needs as an artist on set production company owner/operator..

We then go into the process of animating your structure, and how it’s done with some dynamics. Kundan walks us through this very easily!