Create A Looping 3d Circle Animation In After Effects

Move Shapes helps you make your 3D circles move and loop in After Effects.

Motion graphics are all about the design and animation principles, with some technical bits added in for good measure. Move Shapes presents an informative tutorial that shows how to make 3D shapes like circles or triangles move smoothly across your screen using After Effects CC’s Cinema 4D renderer toolset!

The article “Introduction To Motion Graphic Design” by Will Saville takes readers on a journey through what they need when starting out their careers as well as giving tips from industry professionals who have been working this trade since before many of us were born.

There’s a big difference between building 2D shapes to create an object in After Effects and then using the Cinema 4D renderer to bring those objects into 3d space. With something as complex as modeling, you can edit original vector files which will alter their corresponding counterpart from three dimensional perspective too! That’s some powerful stuff right there–a procedural way of working that allows us even more control over what we do with these geometric figures once they’re ready for life on screen or paper.