Create a Low Poly Environment in Blender || Blender Environment Tutorial

By Rogue_Knight3d

In this blender environment tutorial, we will create a low poly scene that is comparable to the one I created before. In order for us to get started with our own version of an animated short film’s pre-existing background art assets (and not spend any money), you’ll need some basic skills in Blender 3D modeling and animation techniques–which these tutorials should help teach! This video has been designed as both beginner friendly AND informative so even if your experience level varies from mine or those videos on Unity Asset Store Low Poly Assets , don’t worry because they’re ready made anyway 😉

I will totally wait to see your renders, you can send those renders to my render instagram

Mountain Pass animation using the same low poly environment created in the tutorial:

Blender Low Poly Curved Road Tutorial:

Blender Quick Low Poly Trees Tutorial:

Blender Quick Low Poly Rocks Tutorial:

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