Create A Marble Pattern By Generating A Procedural UV Value

Junichiro Horikawa shows how to create a marble pattern in Side FX Houdini.

A new tutorial from Junichiro Horikawa demonstrates how you can create a marble pattern in Houdini by messing with the UVs for that object.

Marble Pattern by UV Control.

You can procedurally create a UV value with the help of this tutorial. The pattern is essentially an outline line that gets applied on top to any free surface, using UVs for drawing it in. This includes animation too!

“The latest self-published book I wrote is called ‘Algorithmic Design Workbook with Houdini’. However, the method shown in this video is totally different from what was described,” says Horikawa.

The Algorithmic Design Workbook.

The Algorithmic Design Workbook is a new way to think about algorithms. Mastering these techniques will not only make your designs more creative, but also allow them the freedom and flexibility they need in an ever-changing world where everything from movies to cars are being programmed with bots rather than people behind the wheel!

This workbook has twentyone various exercises with two solutions for each exercise – meaning there’s plenty of room left over if you want explore additional possibilities during your procedural modeling process without feeling too restricted right off bat by what’s included within Particle morphing or “look at target”.

The book is available in both English and Japanese.

About Junichiro Horikawa.

Junichiro Horikawa is a freelance architect who combines VR, AR and games together in his work. He also has an interest for algorithmic design which he uses often within architecture circles to create better buildings with more efficient systems than before-a truly revolutionary idea!