Create A More Natural Wiggle In After Effects

For a more natural-looking wiggle, try the classic “wiggles” in After Effects. This is easy to use and offers great way for adding random animation on any channel attribute! However it might be recognizable as just that though so you should check out Motion Array’s latest tips from Tyler Williams if this doesn’t suit your needs (he has some awesome ones!).

In this After Effects tutorial, you’ll learn a couple of simple tricks for using the wiggle expression.

The first way to make your animations wiggle is by hooking up the frequency and amplitude to a slider. This makes it easy for you controlling how fast they move, or if an effect should be turned on and off at any point in time!

The wiggle expression can be added to the slider values themselves, giving you more natural motion that won’t immediately be recognized as an “Ae” wiggles.

If you want to look further into randomizing the wiggle expression in After Effects, there’s an excellent tutorial by Mikey Borup that shows how you can add a random generator and introduce more variety with your animations.