Create A Nautilus Shell Design With Houdini

Junichiro Horikawa Demonstrates Using Houdini to Create an Ammonite, or Nautilus Shell Based on Fractals.

Side Effects Houdini is a great place to experiment with mathematics and code. You can create your very own fractals, or just enjoy the side effects that come from them!

Junichiro Horikawa, a Parametric Designer and video producer at Houdini covers how to make an Ammonite or Nautilus Shell design in this short but informative paper.

Using his own experience with the abnormal winding condition as inspiration for making some unusual shapes-Junichio was able create two new designs on both sides of square jaws that move back and forth like many tiny teeth clacking together while using generic techniques we all know already such as guides along edges where there is straight stitching between pieces which helps keep everything lined up correctly according their angles without any distortion whatsoever! 2 Augmented Reality Apps Made From Scratch With Sketch JS And React Native.

The 3D Fractal Mandelbulb was the result of Junichiro Horikawa’s exploration into fractals. After his previous tutorial, he created a 2-dimensional spiral based on an nautilus shell which can be found at its core instead.