Create A Powerful Face Generator With Blender’s Grease Pencil

When you need to draw fast and accurately, there is nothing like using a grease pencil. Jimmy Gunawan shows us how in this short video! He starts off by creating the basic outline of what will eventually become his powerful cartoon face generator using just two nodes – one for adding greasy lines and another that paints them onto whatever shape needs shading or highlighting as needed (ease on).

In less time than it takes some people coffee-maker machine brew cycle – BlenderSushi was able create an entire character from scratch without any prior knowledge about animation software whatsoever.

Create your own Cartoonish Face with this Eye-Opening Generator right in Blender.
If you want to give a person or animal an all new look, but don’t have the time for painting textures and building animations–or if it just doesn’t feel like something suited towards what will happen when they show up at work tomorrow morning—this system has gotcha covered. It can be difficult sometimes coming up with original ideas that are unique enough not only stand apart from everything else out there on Pinterest (which we know is impossible), but also meet deadlines too! This Grease Pencil Tool + Animation Nodes Addon Combo lets users take any combination of face parts found within other.

With the Grease Pencil and Animation Nodes add-on, we can create a limitless amount of cartoony character faces in Blender.

Jimmy was inspired by old card games he used to play as a kid, where combined cards could come up with a lot of variations. He says that the face generator will be able to randomize items in Dope Sheets for Grease Pencils and assign each element based on few features or elements you want it generate from your own personal sketchbook!