Create a Procedural Hatching Shader in Blender Cycles

By Entagma

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00:00 Intro
00:45 Starting to build the shader
01:00 Procedural Lines
05:05 Recreating Dot-Product Lighting
06:15 Dot Product Lighting Theory
07:00 Implementing Dot Product Lighting
09:00 Combine Shading and Lines
11:35 Rotate the Lines
12:39 Create a Background
13:43 Make it pretty

In this article, Manu looks at the shader editor in Blender and how we can make our own procedural line-based hatching shaders. You’ll learn about generating various types of lines as well as doing 3D shading with it inside a single stage!

Download the Shader file:
Mary of Pieta 3D Scan:
Here you’ll find the free Old Industrial Hall HDR file: