Create A Quick And Simple Halftone Effect In After Effects

Some of you may remember Pete Warden’s After Effects plugins that were a mix of some interesting video effects. One the most popular ones was an effect called “halftone,” which gave your footage an old school film look – imagine if Instagram came with its own filter!
One way to get this nostalgic feel is by using open source code for one specific plugin from long ago, but there are plenty more goodies hidden away in other people’s workbenches just waiting…

Joe Clay always wanted a way to reproduce the halftone effect, but he had no idea how. His latest tutorial shows you his solution for creating an easy-to-use project that produces good results!

You know when you think of a dot pattern in After Effects, the first thing that comes to mind is probably ball action. That’s because these are based off its original name: Ball-and-Halftone Dot Letterpress Printing (which I’m guessing has something do with printing). The final effect uses this traditional technique along side other native Ae stuff like gradients ramping up/down sizes for dots on top of turbulent noises – all together making an old but still stylish look!

You can watch Joe walk through how it’s all put together, or you could download a preset file that will help your video stand out from the rest.