Create A Realistic Spider Web With Houdini In 2 Minutes

Yelisey Lobanov Uses Houdini Velum Solver to Quickly Create and Simulate a Spider Web.

A spider Web has always been a symbol of spun webs, secrets and intrigue. But what about the engineering feat necessary to create such an intricate piece? 3D artists will find it no easy task with their wide range toolset for simulations as well as procedural workflows that require nodes. Motion designer Yelisey Lobanov recently posted on Instagram how he used Houdini’s new Vellum Solver plugin in order make his very own web Simulation using solvers from inside of NUKE!

The technique is really simple. It just involves drawing out the curves for web design, resampling those shapes and using Fuse node with Vellum hair applied to give it an awesome look!

Junichiro Horikawa has created another tutorial using POP grains and the simulation of a spider web. Check out his video here!