Create A Simple, Easily Controlled Lower Third In After Effects

You may at one point be tasked to create a name plate for an interview, or a lower third. If you have done this before and are looking for some inspiration as to how best go about completing the task – look no further! There’s so many tricks that can help anyone from knocking these out in record time all while having fun with what they’re doing because let’s face it: who doesn’t want speed up their creative process?

You might even have an arsenal of templates file ready just waiting until your next project gives them life again after being dormant since college days.

What if you don’t? No problem! You just need to knock off a super quick and simple lower third. One that can be controlled with the scene, some effect controls for color size angle etc…

Here, Daniel Brodesky demonstrates how you can quickly and easily create a lower third using nothing but the null object in After Effects. The composition of this video is controlled by moving the Null on screen which makes it super easy for people to wipe or draw their own designs onto it without having any difficulties with tracking points!

If I were teaching myself about making graphics today then my first lesson would be learning what’s called “Null Objects” – these are just little black squares that come into use when designing logos/identity plates etc., they’re really helpful because all our work happens inside one large white space where anything goes as longs we don’t affect other parts within th.

There are many ways to make your video stand out. One of the most effective options is using a lower third rig, which will allow you to alter coloration and size as well angle for increased visibility with ease!

Download the Simple, Quick Lower Third Project File.

The tutorial is filled with great techniques within After Effects, that can easily be used for more than just simple lower thirds. However, Daniel makes the project file of this exciting learning experience available free to use! Find out how you could create your own awesome intros or promos by clicking here _ (insert link)_