Create A Simple Nebula Scene With After Effects Native Tools

One of the best parts about Adobe After Effects is how easy it can be to create something from scratch. You don’t need any special software or knowledge, just imagination and some time on your hands! In this video we’ll see what one person made with their favorite features in Ae:

Cornerstone noise generators stand-by effects simple masking distortion color correction – all available natively through the program’s interface. Watch as they show off a space scene that might look great for either animation purposes or if you want otherworldly visuals without having too much work go into rendering out assets beforehand [e].

With little effort, Ae’s starburst effect can be applied to the scene while gas effects like those in nebulas are achieved by Turbulent Noise. These settings include some masking and warping before color correction is dialed-in for something more believable than what was seen previously on screen!

In this video, we’ll take a look at how to create the 3D nebula scene in After Effects and add some camera moves. It’s all very straight forward but it’s always impressive when you see what can come out of nothing with just some simple tools!