Create A Simple Particle Disintegration Effect In Houdini

The CGI Nerd shows how to create an effortless particle disintegration effect in Houdini.

The particle effects in Houdini are a great way to add some creative flair and depth. SideFX’s CGI Nerd, Alejandro Perez covers how you can create your own simple disintegration effect with this tutorial for people getting started on the program!

Alejandro’s channel covers a lot of tips and tricks focusing on games development, film production techniques that can help people improve their CGI skillsets. For example, he has an entire series about creating particles for 3D models- it’s likely why there are many tutorials dedicated to this effect!

More on Disintegration Effects

Alvaro Castaneda’s tutorial is an excellent way to understand the process of disintegration in Houdini. It covers all aspects, from pre-visiting your scene geometry and post processes like frustum cuts or depth fades up until final composites with animation keys for motion blur reduction that are ready right on camera!

Saber Jlassi also shows how he created a simple dissolve effect without rendering anything at all. Great work there by Rohan Dalvi – it can be done using VDB data as well so everyone has something new under their belt already when they start working later this week 🙂