Create A Type Reveal In After Effects Without Masks Or Track Mattes

Creative pros need to know how to create a type reveal in After Effects. It’s no easy task, but don’t worry–there are plenty of options for you! One way is by using the built-in text plugin or choosing your own font and color scheme if needed too.”

A type reveal is a really cool and simple effect that you can do in After Effects. Just import your text file with all the letters on it, then go through them one by one to find which ones need to be removed for each stage of the animation until every letter has been revealed before moving onto Stage 2!

An awesome and easy way to do a text reveal without track mattes, masks or even pre-comps.

If you’re looking for the easiest way to create an animation where text pops up from behind something like a mask, then using Linear Wipe is what will get your job done. Taking this approach helps save time by allowing designers and others within companies who are not experienced animators but still want their work completed quickly with minimal effort put in place of creativity – perfect!